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tv   Headline News  RT  August 7, 2017 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this lunchtime fears in france the interior minister reveals two hundred seventy two how this have returned to the country or the much vaunted effort to tackle radicalization flounders. more trouble in the house of trump suit now is national security advisers loyalty is in question for giving security clearance were former top aide to president obama. and feeding the hate over me to the reagan activists who forced to butcher in california to hang an animal right side in the stalls window.
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of his r.t. with me kevin oh in this our first in this next thirty minutes of use we're going to start with this it's been revealed around two hundred seventy jihadists of recently returned back to france after fighting in iraq and syria some of been arrested and the courts are currently plowing through the cases of others the numbers being revealed by the french interior minister also highlighted that the terror threat remains extremely high in an attempt to try and rein in extremism france had opened its first day radicalization center nearly a year ago but seems the facilities already hit the buffers as charlotte dubin ski reports. it was billed as francis spoke with jihad ists was the country's. radicalization center when it opened last year ati's. was here. this is rehab for extremists once
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inside psychologists say it will provide therapy and counselors will teach students about this isn't ship. i am. i i've heard. here there are young people who are on what's called a low level radar they aren't terrorists they have only been interrogated and sought by police it's better for them to be in such facilities or a voluntary basis rather than being on the streets or the internet and find out about company. told that evidently is there wouldn't be any violent people but there was be only those who are the early stages of predicate ization if it's for small and within this center should be located somewhere much less populated there is a school just eight hundred metres away but mission of separately i don't think it's
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an intelligent move to put the ridiculous zation center next to a nuclear power station it's terrifying and i'm against it. they're trying to fix the problem but it's about a kilometer away from the nuclear plant. but just months later the shutters down so what did it wrong. at a cost of two point five million us pay year knowing that people were treated none finished the course one resident from this center was even a respite for having links to those behind the paris. and fifty one. from his rehabilitation and since february not a single person is being here the deed radicalisation so did this venture the money . it is a complete fiasco everything is to be rethought everything is to be reconstructed
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decoding to people will see me putting it mildly yes i would say this is a fiasco. money spent this way is a waste there are so many other things to do but to spend it on radicalized people know there are other associations and other centers to spend money on. this could not have turned out well if it is organized this way just letting people in and convincing them to think the other way or to see differently there are four or five people at once this is too expensive but residents say they. said it's closed because it's nothing but. i was against this center from the beginning and i am happy to is now closed this center should not have been here there is a nuclear plant near here. i think the location was inappropriate as it is quite close to the town to the kids this is too close to houses and not very secure and
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we were not properly informed we did not receive any information many people sold their houses because of the center a complete failure that's how many people are describing this project and many and now left wondering if france has a concrete solution to the estimated fifteen thousand citizens. in this country. since the frogs terrorism expert david low believes it's not enough to simply isolate from the community and ship them. french this time on this issue got it wrong. you know we talk about what it was going to be radicalizing and where france missed a trick on this was really removing individuals who were shot over in a remote part of france or rural part of france and preach to them there are
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successes that the states of france mr. king to this issue of tried to develop who i was. and help help those individuals who've been drawn towards terrorist activity very you know just just by teaching them away from the community . and just preaching to them i think this is been the right approach and i think this is why in the end the became. the. next to brutal massacre in a village in northern afghanistan thoughts of killed at least forty people including children the province's governor says the attack took place after the village was captured by an unknown group of militants including foreign fighters they're suspected of being a mix of taliban and i still insurgents elsewhere scores of other afghan civilians also including many children are in search of shelter in the east of the country they've also been caught up in taliban eisel and the u.s.
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airstrikes some are been describing their ordeal. islamic state groups brutally attacked civilians and the afghanistan national army then foreign forces came to the battlefield then the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on the village what is left is ruins. so does a lot of what has come up you should be sure to. get it isis militants slaughtered our own call saying he was a spy if you fled since the threaten to kill us the next day.
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islamic state militants slaughtered our five cousins so front of us they could have come and killed us any time too so we left our whole. first isis attacked our village then came american airstrikes now we don't have anything everything is destroyed. and a module has been caught up in all this with me now as the. international relations and history professor of beirut lebanese university hi there thanks for your time today can we start off by talking about this attack in the north of the country as i was saying just know twelve years it's thought to be carried out by a mix they think of isis and taliban fighters now immediately again you'd think why is that because these two groups are supposed to be enemies of each other yet we're
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hearing now they're attacking together as you go along with. well we need to admit the fact the taliban and isis. the same ideological grass roots which is what hubby islam and that's why it's easy for them for members of. the bomb to cross from one side to another at the same time it's easy for both groups to. come in close especially when it comes to fighting the united states and foreign powers and afghanistan so that's why i believe. the problem is. in the ideology of these two groups. we need to trace back the grassroots of their birth. of the brutal both. movements especially that it was sponsored at the time by the united states and by pakistani
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intelligence the fact that they're working together here in this case reportedly is this a new thing or is it be going on for a while. well i believe that because they had a common cause against the government installed by the united states and afghanistan after two thousand and two. because the united states have stepped up its military operations in afghanistan to neutralize and pacify the situation to the. benefit of. the achieve limited success so far so that's why by stepping up their military actions they brought these two groups together and i believe. especially that they didn't have any ideological problem coming up together and we mentioned just briefly just now the other element here in some parts of afghanistan the u.s.
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airstrikes right into the mix as well how effective are they in combating the insurgents. i don't believe that they would achieve much success because the problem is not the fighters themselves the problem is in the dynamics of producing these terrorist groups by adopting radical. the ideology and by being sponsored by by some intelligence. services. affiliated with certain countries especially the. afghanistan is at the crossroads between values superpowers and the united states had been keen on well i mean letting afghanistan but because it would enable it to let me press you further on that if the united states as we know they've been if such a long time has gone on for years why and they got wise to the way that it's working there why aren't they working better in the battle against these terrorist let me
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put it that way. well because these terrorists have been promoted for too long the grassroots in the society. in certain social groups and tribes actually in a big understand they have been radicalized by promoting what hubby islam amongst them so that's why this has been a process going on since the afghanistan war against the soviet union back in the 1980's so it's not easy to wipe out these groups you need to work again on the grass roots of the problem on fighting radical. islam which is promoted by saudi arabia. we need to admit the fact that the united states have not been serious about that because they think that they can still use. saudi
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arabia to buy their enemies. a compact that the main guitar for you don't. need to reach where the battle goes on doesn't it talk to german joakim international relations and history professor at beirut's lebanese university thank you. now let's focus on what's happening in the white house the latest major reshuffle among donald trump's top team has seen a series of sackings among his national security aides but even the man in charge of the dismissals is in the firing line over what might have driven his decisions with more moped now general mcmaster national security adviser to donald trump his loyalty to the president is supposed to be a default quality except now instead it's widely in question mcmaster made a decision to allow susan rice his predecessor in the job and long time obama ally to keep full access to classified information. the national security council will
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continue to work with you to ensure the appropriate security clearance documentation remains on file to allow you access to classified information. this revelation emerged just weeks after it was revealed that susan rice had been unmasking members of the trump team who happened to be mentioned in classified intelligence reports by default the names are redacted but susan rice had been making sure that the names and the information was readily available to anyone with a clearance to see classified government documents and potentially leak this information to the media susan rice's actions were flagged by as i recall one watt mic a member of the trumpet ministration since january apparently his revelation struck the wrong chord with mcmaster who has now dismissed him and it appears that's how it works with the general if he doesn't like you you go these people laid the very foundation of trump's foreign policy promises as a candidate we've been moving from one wrecked was intervention to another cut in
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libya syria iraq iran this destructive cycle bad decisions we cannot be the policeman of the world now that most of those who shape trumps foreign policy have gone we have this my attitude toward syria and assad has changed very much and i don't order a targeted new jersey state or if you can see it now trump may have come to washington promising that you would drain the swamp that's proving to be pretty difficult especially when you're already neck deep in it caleb artsy new york for this calling to reports the security clearance given to susan rice was a regular procedure issued for every living for the presidential advisor rice says she's never requested the identities of trump's team members to be revealed for political purposes but want to come stay with us if you can your o.t. will do is continue for
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a quick break amongst the stories ahead we'll tell you what we know about the ongoing russia diamond mine rescue with one survivor tells his story. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to
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express. that you have to be right to be this is what the full screen can't be good. i'm interested always in the water out. of all the sun but to see in a butches window one of the saying quote killing animals is violent and unjust just may come as a surprise to customers passing by but nonetheless a shop in california has agreed to display not to rallied outside for months conducting aggressive and pretty gruesome stunts. i think the only problem we in the virtual time know it somebody off the founding of the
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first time i ended up running up on that is not only putting the money up front that it be. as well as forcing the owner to display the sign in the shop demonstrators from the group direct actions everywhere to get become a vegan butchery although as it stands it's not clear what that actually is they also want the right to carry out animal rights demonstrations their twice a year group spokes person johnson explains a bit more about their mission as with the successful social movements throughout history when we when we do these public demonstrations we are intending to dramatize an issue and get an issue on the table because we feel like it's an issue that we are inevitably going to win when it is just us that are winding up still we know that we are on the side of justice on the side of compassion and nonviolence we know that people don't actually want to support violence towards animals and it's only because we live in a society that that normalize so much that it is allowed to persist we intend to
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make berkeley california the united states leader on animal rights issues we intend to liberate the city of berkeley by banning all violence towards animals by twenty twenty five and effect being needs in berkeley as part of a broader plan to pass a constitutional amendment for animal rights and down here with discrimination that's pervasive in our society. the shop in question here belongs to monaco richey no one husband the family says it's their rights that have been abused here want to describe the activists as extremist ethical extortion though of us by the californian comedian jeffrey mark klein the protests were a form of extortion because essentially they were saying. do this for us or we won't stop harassing you so yeah that is expression it's kind of like how the mafia used to say pay us for protection or we're going to destroy your shot that's kind of feels protesters chose a small butcher shop because it's a smaller target so they feel like they could have a bigger impact
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a smaller shop would be easier for them to extort then a big farm or a big factory if they chose mcdonald's there's a chance that mcdonald's lawyers may get involved and ultimately people are their kind of just children who are scared of consequences so they'll only do something if they feel like it's going to work out. if you check your. mind the far east of russia after the big problem there last friday the fate of eight missing workers in the flooded mind of russia's far east remains no we can tell you was it stands rescuers and now trying to pipelines there to make a sound in the hope that the tapping will make the money is respond for locate where they are emergency crews last month is to bring a monitor service on friday not much has changed since then bringing the total say verse to one hundred and forty three. on that stretch of the guy's name. if he'd spent nearly twenty four hours on the
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ground there before being reached must be terrifying he had a phone ringing follow the sound of that lead managed to call and let rescuers know its location has been describing his ordeal. as it was. i was just started certainly the lights went out which will usually go windy and misty out of nowhere a massive wave hit me i swallowed it she saw water. i couldn't breathe. because the water was cold and it and it was my chest there were obstacles to pipes the boards and all the rubbish was of the moment i had to move with my leg badly injured and it was difficult of course but what can i do i wanted to live.
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like i was a war hero my leg was trapped the iron pipes were bending because of the water pressure i had to try and get my leg out without breaking it i got lucky. and i looked for any way to be rescued was a phone was my only hope however all the phones were destroyed. french president facing a barrage of criticism over plans to create an official first lady role for his wife that's despite a manual mccrone though having banned lawmakers from employing their spouses is one of the problem. in france the president's wife doesn't have an official status and plays a courtesy role according to plan though would have her own office if it went ahead
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a number of staff and security guards but a particular bone of contention is the idea of allocating a separate budget for the president's spouse we're told a french publisher and journalist who says the president's becoming rather and french and copying his american counterpart mr kroll this decision could be a real big mistake the main reason for that is that he thinks is an american legion size all took and moves up planning up to prove that mr mccraw is more and more out of touch with french reality quickly becoming to simply trying to approach the last years with a head on his heart like you probably saw on american movies but this kind of religious pious but it's you french explanation for this love of america that he has been supported like french. very well by the young leaders of the french american foundation whose aim is to strengthen the links between
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france and the so that now a petition against proposals gathered over one hundred ninety thousand signatures that's crucial because once it hits two hundred thousand it can be presented to president micron in frustration now all this comes as the latest polls shows approval rating plummeting let's take a look at that on this news war when it was first elected he had more than sixty percent of the population on his side now after less than one hundred days in office where is it well as you see yourself your lights thirty six percent that's a record low is a remote more the other again. it was not surprise it was announced during his election campaign because it has become a part of his american way of thinking thinking that the french state run as a business for the less this decision could be one of the moves to he has ever taken sixty five percent of the french disapproved of this new decision. period to spending only thirty six percent of french and the french are happy with this new
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leader and he will soon face a terrible winter of discontent with the unions. calling for the follow us online that's it for me kevin i mean for now. here's what people have been saying about redacted and this is a full on author of the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs the. yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than that. and see people you never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank so take. me seriously send us an
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e-mail. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is cereal is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. says sister hears of industrial giants reap the benefit big nor in the harm caused by chemical production. you know as if these people aren't people just. the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever in the united states almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed.
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the worst. we're going underground is former exxon mobil c.e.o. rex tillerson now donald trump's secretary of state tries to compete with china as he visits manila bangkok and kuala lumpur coming up in the. jeremy corbin's labor party supporting the cia's attack on venezuela's bolivarian revolution we go to brazil where the usa succeeded in regime change to get the perspective of one of the world's greatest political cartoonists. from the streets of london to mississippi goddam the politics and music of the incomparable nina simone in a theatre production terrifying audiences from london to the edinburgh festival was a good day to bury bad news what stories are full of through the cracks in this
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week's very. simple coming of a day's going underground but first while the british press continues to the code last week's princess diana revelations coverage of tomorrow's presidential and parliamentary elections in the u.k. former colony of kenya where diana's mother in law found out she was elizabeth the second a more nuanced than say coverage of a referendum in venezuela now at fust sight it could pass for a clip from the program but if you look very carefully you will not in the multiple . difference the voice used in that report does not belong to any of our reporter's biggest maybe if it was one of their reporters in africa they'd be saying things like this welcome from a broken eastern libya well we know that coalition military planners are carrying out what they call form damage assessment just to check on exactly what level of destruction they have caused to colonel get out this air defenses and radar
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installations they hit because t.v. stations and civilian infrastructure would hit in africa's richest per capita country by any of the hundred tomahawk missiles right they will then decide whether to carry out more attacks so night on those same saw gets more strikes on the same targets does that b.b.c. reporter betray one iota of what it would feel for civilians where he lives in britain to undergo aerial bombardment or are b.b.c. reporters in the developing world basically just junks to the british military thing and on saturday sort of very satisfied that we've been out. to complete the mission when it comes to africa it appears there are either completed missions backed by al qaeda or a night or day as to destroy entire countries or there are nato back to governments in poverty. when famine hits the smallest so. no mention of the b.b.c.'s backing for the creation of south sudan where that famine has just apparently been alleviated after the president of that country apparently said he like.


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